July 20, 2010

Reading Confession #2

I often forget that I love reading.

I can't tell you how many times in recent years I've started a book and thought, "Oh yeah, books! I love reading books!" Or how many times I've been in the middle of a book, gotten too busy to read for a day or two, and apparently lost sight of the fact that I should find out how the story ends. This can happen even when I'm really enthusiastic about the story.

It's not that I have a bad memory. I actually have a rather good memory, especially when it comes to fiction, which is fortunate, since it allows me to resume reading after (sometimes) weeks and still follow the plot. And it's not like I ever seem to forget that I enjoy, say, watching movies or drinking coffee. But I sure do spend a lot of time in imitation of a person who doesn't like to read.

So I confess that I haven't gotten much farther in DRACULA than I was a week ago. I've been busy, yes, but my real excuse is that I'm too silly to know what I like.

Meanwhile, in the latest news of the coming printpocalypse, The New York Times reports that Amazon sold more Kindle books than hardcovers in recent months. I'm not excited by the idea of print books going away, but I won't be sad if hardcovers are phased out. I don't much like reading hardcover books because I find them heavy and harder to hold than paperbacks. I have no idea of the economic implications, but a future in which all new releases are printed in paperback is one that appeals to me.

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