July 25, 2011

Happy Release to Anna Scott Graham!

I'm thrilled to offer congratulations to my friend Anna Scott Graham, who has released her first independently published novel. THE WAR ON EMILY DICKINSON is an emotional, non-linear story that follows a relationship and a family through thirty years as AIDS devastates a San Francisco community.

Anna has been a friend, supporter, and NaNoWriMo buddy for years. She is a constant source of inspiration and awe, because Anna churns out words and novels at a staggering rate. Check out the writing timeline in the sidebar of Anna's blog to see how many manuscripts she's written and how quickly she churns out first drafts.

Bravo to Anna for completing all the revision and work required to release THE WAR ON EMILY DICKINSON into the world. I know many more novels will follow!

Good Stuff Out There:

→ Jennifer R. Hubbard writes about the bookstore as destination: "Those of us who like bookstores don't just like the shiny covers and the sweet-smelling pages of a printed book. There's just something special about a bookstore as a place, especially if it's a store with comfy chairs."

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Anna Scott Graham said...

Oh Lisa, thanks for all your assistance and such wonderful camaraderie! You've made my California NaNo'ing a pleasure!

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