October 13, 2011

Off to a Good Start

I'm really getting into the revision of my second storyline now, and as I predicted, I've gained a big boost of motivation from the fact that I'm working on something new. It's still part of the same novel I've been revising all this time, but moving to a different narrator and plotline has eliminated that burnout I was experiencing.

Since I pondered over the backstory this weekend (no dolphins were harmed), the story has been clearer than ever in my mind. This week, I sat down for each writing session sure of what I wanted to say, and the words have flowed fairly smoothly.

It is still, alas, a matter of placing one word after the other until they form a novel. It's going to be a while yet until all the words are in order. But this part is off to a good start.

Good Stuff Out There:

→ At The Millions, Mark O'Connell offers an appreciation of bad bookshops: "I live in a suburb of Dublin where the only bookshop within any kind of plausible walking distance is a small and frankly feeble set-up on the second floor of a grim 1970s-era shopping center, above a large supermarket. It's flanked by two equally moribund concerns, a small record store and a travel agent, thereby forming the centerpiece of a sad triptych of retail obsolescence."

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