August 16, 2012

How About That Novel?

Well, now that I'm back from my travels and blogging again, I guess I should update you on my novel revision.

Yup. It's coming along.

Okay, next topic...

No, the truth is, revision is actually going pretty well this week. It was tough getting back into the writing groove after so much time away, and as always, I'm not making progress as quickly as I want. But this week I've written a bunch of strong scenes that went in unexpected directions, and I'd like to believe I wouldn't have hit upon those ideas without the time away from the story.

So the novel is good. I'm trying hard to embrace the idea that as long as I keep working, it doesn't matter when I finish. What's important to me is to produce the best manuscript I can, and that's what I'm writing toward.

And now, it's time to get back to work.

Good Stuff Out There:

→ In the New York Times, Bruce Handy explains his Fabulous Boring Book Collection: "What I am after are books that are uniquely, exquisitely, profoundly boring -- books whose boringness intrigues, if that is not a contradiction in terms." (Thanks, Book Review Podcast!)


Henri Picciotto said...

"books whose boringness intrigues" reminds me of "what is the first uninteresting whole number?"

Anna Scott Graham said...

So well said! Happy revising... :)

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