July 5, 2013

Workshop Around The Corner

Well, I finished up that short story I was writing, so now I'm all ready to head to the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop on Monday morning. I'm so excited!

The schedule for next week is completely packed with workshops, talks, panel discussions, and opportunities to learn from other writers. I expect it will be a little overwhelming at times, but it should also be amazing. Hopefully somewhere in there I'll find enough free time to check out Lake Tahoe (I've never been!) and the gorgeous surroundings.

Besides that, I don't have much else to report. Up until I switched my attention to the short story, I was hard at work on my novel. Recently I've made some great improvements that really pull things together.

Right now I'm in the midst of a long holiday weekend, enjoying time with my loved ones before I leave for a week. I hope all of you are also getting a few days to relax and have fun.

I'm sure I'll have a million things to talk about when I get back from the workshop. Until then, stay cool, and stay cool!

Good Stuff Out There:

→ The Guardian Books Blog is creating a literary clock of quotes from literature that mention specific times. They already have quite a collection and are looking for more submissions.

→ Minh Le of Book Riot crunches the numbers on lists of favorite novels, most-hated novels, and the books people keep meaning to read.


laurenhat said...

Tumblr has trained me to want a little <3 to click on and to want to say, "omg i'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU I CAN'T EVEN," or, "I have lost the ability to can". ;)

Have a fantastic time.

Lisa Eckstein said...

Hee, I had not heard that last one. I have also somewhat lost my ability to can, and I hope I regain it before I get there tomorrow.

(Oh, and thanks!)

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