About the Author

Hi. I'm Lisa Eckstein. I write this blog, but mostly I write novels.

Lisa portrait

Photo by Neale Eckstein

I've been writing stories since before I can remember. My oldest surviving work is a piece of flash fiction entitled "The Craziest Rainbow". These days my novels tend to focus on families, relationships, and all the problems they cause. I still like rainbows and happy endings.

I grew up in the outer suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. In 1997, I graduated from Brown University with a degree in linguistics and moved to Silicon Valley, California. I miss New England's thunderstorms and fall colors. I don't miss snow and ice.

My career in the tech industry was a decade of word-related positions. I programmed language processing software, kept communication civil in an online community, organized information into hierarchies, and worked as a writer and copyeditor for a Yahoo! daily feature. When the pull of fiction became strong enough, I was fortunate to be able to leave the world of cubicles and write full-time.

I can't boast a published novel yet, but my credentials include way too many first drafts, some increasingly worthwhile second drafts, and a few promising revisions past that, so I'm getting there. With each draft, I become a better writer. I also learn by reading attentively and studying the advice and experiences of others. On this blog, I try to pass along my accumulated ideas about reading, writing, and revising.

When I'm not staring at a computer screen or a page, I watch movies, knit intermittently, swim laps, solve cryptic crosswords, play video and board games, and sing with a pretend Rock Band.


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