August 21, 2014

Observations From the Bookstore Cafe

I'm sitting in the second-floor cafe that overlooks Books Inc. in Mountain View. I've purchased a couple of paperbacks, I've consumed an iced latte, and now I'm supposed to be doing some noveling, but I haven't been able to focus. I chose a table by the railing on purpose because I enjoy eavesdropping and spying on the people working and shopping below, and to nobody's surprise, these fun activities are distracting me from the less appealing task of accomplishing something.

The bookstore is busy, and this is on a weekday afternoon. Print is definitely not dead.

At a table nearby, there's a group of writers having an open meetup. Earlier they discussed their current projects, and they're now silently writing in solidarity. I haven't identified myself to them as another of their kind, and for some reason this amuses me.

I would like to spend all day in this store, but I don't want to be a bookseller, because that's hard work and involves being personable all day. I want a job that consists of sitting here looking down on the proceedings and reporting on my musings. Done, I guess?

I hope that brilliant writing is like heat in that it rises, and that by positioning myself above thousands of books, I'll absorb some words and inspiration.

Upstairs at Books Inc

Good Stuff Out There:

→ Justine Larbalestier explains why it's okay to find inspiration in other writers' stories: "It's not plagiarism, it's not cheating, it's not lazy. It's how creativity works in every field. We are inspired by what went before us."


Christopher Gronlund said...

I love this entry. Nothing more than that: just made me happy 'cause it's so cool!

To a snazzy weekend!

Lisa Eckstein said...

Well, that's nice to hear, Christopher, because I was partly inspired by some of your posts about what you're up to in a particular moment. Hope your weekend is awesome as well!

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