November 27, 2013

That Is All

At long last, the moment you've been waiting for: I am done revising!

Let's all take a moment to bask in that, shall we?

Now, I'm certainly not saying that there will never again be further changes to this novel, because that's not the way it works, but for now, I am finished. It's time to embark on the next step, which is to send this manuscript out into the world and see how it goes. Specifically, I'm going to start querying agents.

That next step is another doozy, and it will be another long process, but it will be a different one, and I'm very thankful for that. I'm thankful for the support you've all given me, and I'm thankful that now I get to really enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and friends.

More on all of this in December. I hope that all of you get to enjoy a wonderful little break of your own in the next few days, however you celebrate!

Good Stuff Out There:

→ I was intrigued by this list of 50 Incredibly Tough Books for Extreme Readers assembled by Emily Temple at Flavorwire: "some absurdly long, some notoriously difficult, some with intense or upsetting subject matter but blindingly brilliant prose, some packed into formations that require extra effort or mind expansion..."


Justin McFarr said...

Good for you, Lisa. Congratulations!

- Justin (Squaw Valley)

Lisa Eckstein said...

Thanks, Justin. Squaw Valley really gave me the boost I needed to finish polishing things up!

mamagotcha said...

Woohoo! Are you gonna have to change the name of the blog?

laurenhat said...

That's so awesome! :D Congrats!

Lisa Eckstein said...

Gotcha: Ha! There will always be something to revise!

Thanks, all!

Christopher Gronlund said...

Congratulations, and I hope all goes wonderfully when you begin sending the book around. I'm sure the Squaw Valley experience will get some good well as taking the time to make the book the best it can be. Hope 2014 is the year o' Lisa!

Unknown said...

The 50 tough books article is really worth studying. I have read a couple...but I am now inspired to read more. Finishing your book is a good thing, least you wind up as a "tough book."

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