September 14, 2011


I just finished writing an emotionally intense scene. Yes, another one. This one's a real doozy, probably the emotional climax of the whole novel. I'm exhausted. Most of the time I wouldn't classify writing as "hard work," even though it's difficult, but scenes like this take more exertion than physical labor.

For reasons that I can barely even justify to myself, I had to write this scene while sitting and lying on the floor rather than at my desk or in a soft chair. I guess the best explanation is that I needed some discomfort to get into the mindset required for the scene.

I think I'm content with how the scene turned out, but as usual, I'm sure to hate it tomorrow. And I won't know if it really works until the draft is done and I start getting feedback from other people. The version of this scene in the last draft received lukewarm reviews from my critique partners, but it's changed considerably, and I believe the new situation and execution is much more compelling.

Right now, I could really use a nap.

Good Stuff Out There:

→ At The Millions, Ned Beauman looks at the TV Tropes website and discovers The Million Basic Plots: "It's best to spend just enough time on TV Tropes that you're anxious to do something original, but not so long that you're paralyzed."


Anna Scott Graham said...

I know that feeling, like your own life is sucked dry. I used to notice the first few days of writing a new manuscript, I slept like a LOG! Sometimes after a particularly brutal or engaging scene I'll just sit and stare, maybe at the hummingbirds or just at the monitor, like letting my head catch up with my heart. Writing isn't always just one word after another. Congrats on getting it written!

Lisa Eckstein said...

Yes, I definitely have that need to sit and stare after an intense scene. And just breathe!

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