September 23, 2011

Over and Out

My bags aren't packed, and I'm not ready to go, but tomorrow I leave for a week's vacation. When I return, I'll be moving on to revising the next storyline of my novel. We'll see if it really does go more quickly, as I predicted, or if you all get to laugh at me.

I gave more thought to my quandary about the next step and decided that I'll go directly from one storyline to the next, without even reading what I've just finished rewriting. If I look over my recent work, I'm going to want to make more changes, and then I'll never move on. I've already thought of a few things I need to add, but I'm sure to come up with more as I go through the other storylines, so I might as well save it all for later. I have detailed notes in SuperNotecard, and it will all be waiting for me when I'm ready to return to it.

As for you, my loyal readers, I'll return to you on October 3. Have a good week!

Good Stuff Out There:

→ Tahereh Mafi says, Don't Be Afraid To Write A Bad Book: "the majority of us (read: the vast, vast majority of us) did not sell the very first thing our eager fingers ever created. many of us had to write not 1, but 2, 3, 15 manuscripts before figuring out what worked." (Thanks, Nathan Bransford!)

→ Michael Kardos muses in The Millions about Writing the Jersey Shore in the Age of Reality TV: "When we set a work of fiction in a real place, we do so hoping that those unfamiliar with the place will come to know it as we do, and that those who already know it will recognize in our depiction something familiar and true. But place's allegiance in fiction is ultimately to the story, not to its own exactitude."

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Have a really lovely holiday!

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