April 4, 2014

Not So Fast

Last week, I got some very wonderful time off with a Hawaiian vacation full of ocean views, relaxation, and reading. I returned from the trip invigorated, eagerly dove into serious research for the next novel, and was immediately interrupted by getting sick. I'm all recovered now, but it made for a disappointing first week back. (Though at least being sick gave me time to finish up my vacation reading.)

I have made a little research progress, though. Some weeks back, I spent an afternoon among the library stacks identifying books that could be useful, and now I've started looking through them. I'm going to have to learn a lot about several different topics in order to write the new novel effectively, and I'm sure that any day now I'll stop being coy and tell you more about that.

I'll also have many recently read books to tell you about once I get caught up on reviews. And maybe soon I'll have others things to talk about, but for now, that's all there is to report.

Good Stuff Out There:

→ At Book Riot, Josh Corman wonders Why Dystopian Novels Speak To Us: "Fear is the root of every dystopia, and it's the glue that keeps the reader stuck to its characters and conflicts for the book's duration. If you harbor any distrust of your government (or governments in general), then 1984 will speak to you more powerfully; if you're concerned about climate change and corporate power, then Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam books will be likelier to get under your skin."

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