January 29, 2016

Making Use of Space

Creatively, I'm between things at the moment, mulling over ideas and contemplating what comes next. Since I don't have an all-engrossing project, I decided this would be a good opportunity to address the clutter that has been gradually taking over my writing space.

I'm fortunate to have a room of my own to work in, with a writing desk facing the window, a comfortable reading chair, and bookshelves. The room is large enough that there's also space for various household storage, but this area has gotten out of control, and we can't easily get to the stuff we need to access. Combined with my towering piles of paper and stacks of unshelved books, lately the empty floor space is mainly paths between the door and the two chairs.

So I've been sorting paperwork into folders, getting rid of unnecessary crap, and clearing off surfaces. Once everything is better arranged, I'll have more room to write and more room to store the things we actually need. While I spend this time organizing my space, I'm pondering how I might give some order to the story ideas bouncing around my head. Both are big tasks, and I'm trying not to rush either process.

I'm looking forward to having a writing space that isn't full of distracting clutter. And then I'm looking forward to being fully distracted by another writing project.

Good Stuff Out There:

→ Andy Browers of Book Riot charts his childhood Growing Up Alongside FoxTrot: "Maybe the pencil marks on your own literary doorway were measured against the March girls when you were yourself just a little woman or man. I'm sure there are lots of people whose annual cruise through the Harry Potter books have brought them through the ages and stages of development of every last Weasley. I was a literary late bloomer, and my reading habits were simple. I had the Foxes."

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Anonymous said...

Having a physical puttering task to do while doing think-work about writing is a great combination. :)

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