February 2, 2011

February Reading Plan

Yesterday I recounted how I did with my January reads, and it should be no big surprise that three of my books are carryovers from last month:

RED MARS by Kim Stanley Robinson - I'm halfway through and thinking about switching to reading a paper copy, or maybe attempting the advanced maneuver of going back and forth between digital and analog versions.

AURORARAMA by Jean-Christophe Valtat - Also about halfway through.

THE CITY, NOT LONG AFTER by Pat Murphy - Now that I have a copy, I'll be reading this in preparation for FOGcon, the speculative fiction convention coming up in March in San Francisco.

Following the logic that two of the above books are half-read, and ignoring the logic of how many books I actually got through last month, I'm adding two more books to the list:

INVINCIBLE SUMMER by Hannah Moskowitz - This book is coming out in April. That's in the future! But I downloaded an e-galley after Hannah tweeted that copies were available. I've been very excited to read this book since Hannah posted the first chapter on her excellent blog, and this is the first time I've had the opportunity to read a book before it's published.

THREE BAGS FULL by Leonie Swann - A mystery in which the investigators are a flock of sheep. A friend read it, said it's hilarious, and loaned it to me. I've just discovered that each page has a little drawing in the corner, forming a flipbook. I hope my friend doesn't mind when I return the book with one corner all thumb-worn.

Good Stuff Out There:

→ K.M. Weiland guest-blogs for A. Victoria Mixon and presents 5 Writing Rules You Should Break: "Learning when, why, and how to break the rules is just as important as learning to observe them."

→ A New York Public Library branch tried an experiment to prevent judging books by their covers. The post features MEANWHILE by Jason Shiga, which I blogged about recently. (Thanks, GalleyCat!)


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, Rick gave our family a box of his old books, mostly Three Investigators paperbacks. They all had little "property of Ricky Rubenstein" notes in front, and many of them had pencil-drawn flipbooks in the margins. I wonder if Mom still has any of them.

Lisa Eckstein said...

He's clever, that Ricky. It never would have occurred to me to make a flipbook out of a, well, book.

laurenhat said...

I love the flipbook in the corner! :)

I really enjoyed Red Mars. I liked the series decreasing amounts as it went on, and never managed to finish Blue Mars. I should reread at least the first one or two sometime soonish. (I think my paperback copies are in Seattle -- if you want me to grab them in late February/early March when I next go to Seattle, let me know, and I'll happily lend them to you.)

Lisa Eckstein said...

Lauren, thanks for the warning about the end of the Mars trilogy. And thanks for the book loan offer, but I think I'll get copies for my own collection.

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